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Our Staff and Students


Postdoctoral Fellows

Ph.D Students

More information on Ph.D study in electronics can be found here.

M.Sc. Students

More information on M.Sc. study in electronics can be found here.

Research Students


  • 2016 Laura Illston - Radio Signatures of High Energy Cosmic Rays
  • 2013 Snorre Sulheim - Uncertainty Quantification in Remote Sensing of Water
  • 2013 Andy Soundy - Navigation in Sharks

Summer 2012-2013

  • Michael Keast - Ultra-low power microprocessor development
  • Vaughn - High-energy cosmic ray radio signatures

Summer 2011-2012

  • Phil Bennington GPS disciplined frequency measurement
  • Jason Neal. Dynamics of Locomotion

Summer 2010-2011