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Otago Electronics in the NEWS

PM latte art.jpg Home grown talent ...

August 2017

We are all in awe of Peter Molteno who won the Latte Art Showdown competition for the most creative and artistic barista on campus. Peter occasionally hones his skill at the Elec coffee machine. University News article.

20170801 BreakingNews TimOnThePhone website.jpg BREAKING NEWS! Phone scandal...

August 2017

One of our glorious leaders has been caught on camera with some last century electronic device in his hand. No one yet knows whether it was purely out of his scientific curiosity ("what is this object and what does it do?") or a mere accident (tripped, and got hold on to this device). Irrespectively, the group members were horrified. Psychologist's intervention was needed, but all the group members are now steadily recovering from the shock.

FoxPurakaunui.jpg Colin Fox has been awarded a Global Chair

March 2016

Colin Fox has been awarded a Global Chair by the University of Bath (UK). This visiting professorship recognises individuals who have an outstanding international research profile, and it is designed "to attract distinguished, globally renowned scholars to engage in the programme of high-profile research activity at the University of Bath". Full story ... Full story ...

AntennaChimp.jpg Not Electronics, but ... NZ fails to convince scientific panel over SKA

Various, March 2012

New Zealand has failed to convince a scientific panel it is best suited to host the world's largest radio telescope ... see Herald article (that puts 25 to 50 dishes in the South Island), or the ODT article (that puts 3000 dishes in the South Island).

Albatross path.jpg Return of albatross encouraging

ODT, January 2012

Five years ago, royal northern albatross White-lime-yellow's future hung in the balance, but its return to the Taiaroa Head colony this week means it will help fill in the gaps in researchers' knowledge about where the birds go when foraging at sea. ... see full article

TimDE.png Building better scales -- for a beer

Dairy Exporter, November 2011

A beer is riding on whether Dr Tim Molteno of Otago Electronics can make the Tru-Test scales weigh cattle half a second faster than the three to five seconds it currently takes. ... see full article

NZHTags.jpg Rakon's GPS used to track albatrosses

NZ Herald, Tuesday September 27, 2011

Global positioning system components made by Auckland company Rakon are used in wildlife tags developed by Otago Electronics, being deployed to track albatrosses around the sub-Antarctic islands. ... go to Herald article

TagBits.jpg GPS tags developed to track albatross

Otago Daily Times, Fri, 23 Sep 2011

Tiny 10gm GPS tags developed by Otago Electronics will soon enable researchers to follow the movements of Otago Peninsula's royal northern albatross as they forage at sea during their breeding season. ... go to ODT article

Kaka.jpg Connected kaka get GPS backpacks

The Dominion Post, 11 August 2011

Bird watching has gone hi-tech at Zealandia, where GPS tracking devices developed by Otago Electronics have been attached to kaka. ... go to Dominion Post article

Bofs.jpg Just coffee and a bob or two will do

The Star, Fri, 7 April 2011

A coffee machine is enabling Otago Electronics to lead the world in developing new ways to process vast quantities of information. ... read full article

TUGPeople.jpg Im Land der Kiwis

TU Graz People, January 2011

„Kia Ora“ aus Neuseeland: Markus Neumayer wrote a letter from Dunedin back to the Technical University of Graz, Austria. Markus spent 6 months in the Electronics group at Otago, finishing up his PhD on Bayesian methods for Electrical Capacitance Tomography. ... see Jan 2011 TuGraz People