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A wide variety of exciting research projects are currently on offer in the Electronics Research Group. Many of these projects have Scholarships available.

Students should contact either Colin Fox, Tim Molteno or Danny Schumayer for further details.

Fourth Year Projects

In 2016 fourth-year projects are available as ELEC 480, PHSI 480/490 or MATH 480/490. Our researchers are based in either the Physics or Maths/Stats departments. For elec and physics students, projects are jointly supervised by Colin Fox, Tim Molteno and Danny Schumayer. Maths and Stats projects are supervised by either David Bryant or Matthew Parry.

The projects descriptions below are deliberately vague, in some cases because the project involves working with a company or government agency. In most cases the project can be tailored to the applicants' background and aspirations.

  • Short-baseline radio astronomy and image synthesis.
  • Radio signatures of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
  • Hilbert Transformers in FPGAs for real-time radio astronomy
  • Models for navigation in sharks.
  • Characterizing noise in Satellite Navigation Receivers
  • Bayesian inference for image analysis
  • Exploring novel uses of quartz crystals
  • Developing control mechanisms for radio- or traditional telescopes
  • Pattern recognition in gait data
  • Improving calibration procedures during normal operation

MAppSc Projects

These projects are full time for one semester, and often involve working closely with an industrial partner. Possible projects include:

  • Embedded systems for Agritech Sensors
  • Development of practical systems for quartz-based remote sensors
  • Satellite Remote Sensing of Pollutants

MSc Thesis Projects

The Electronics group offers Masters thesis research topics in the following subject areas:

  • Analog and digital electronics
  • FPGA and Programmable Logic Design
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Imaging and Inference
  • Computational Modelling and Control Systems
  • Satellite Remote Sensing of Pollutants

A research project is chosen and begun during the first year and occupies most of the second year. Every effort is made to accommodate the special interest of students when choosing projects, within the general field of electronics.