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(Our Staff and Students)
(Ph.D Students)

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[edit] Our Staff and Students

[edit] Staff

[edit] Postdoctoral Fellows

[edit] Ph.D Students

More information on Ph.D study in electronics can be found here.

[edit] M.Sc. Students

More information on M.Sc. study in electronics can be found here.

[edit] Research Students


  • 2016 Laura Illston - Radio Signatures of High Energy Cosmic Rays
  • 2013 Snorre Sulheim - Uncertainty Quantification in Remote Sensing of Water
  • 2013 Andy Soundy - Navigation in Sharks

Summer 2012-2013

  • Michael Keast - Ultra-low power microprocessor development
  • Vaughn - High-energy cosmic ray radio signatures

Summer 2011-2012

  • Phil Bennington GPS disciplined frequency measurement
  • Jason Neal. Dynamics of Locomotion

Summer 2010-2011