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(Radio Astronomy)
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[edit] Radio Astronomy

Our research programme in radio astronomy focusses on the development of new inference algorithms for imaging, transient event detection and for simultaneous imaging and callibration.

[edit] Transient Array Radio Telescope

To test algorithms, and also to have a lot of fun, we have developed the Transient Array Radio Telescope. This is an aperture synthesis radio telescope that can be deployed in a backyard, operates at 1.575GHz and is optimized for the detection of transient events.

[edit] Benmore Range Radio Observatory

The first field site for TART deployment is at the Benmore range radio observatory. This is a 1800 ha site located high in the Benmore ranges at 1800m altitude. The original 1950s hut is being repaired, and a new observatory is being planned.

[edit] Algorithms Research