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Colin Fox


Colin Fox

BSc, MSc(Hons I) (Auckland) PhD (Cambridge) FASA

Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Electronics

  • Email: <mail></mail>, GSM: 021 438369, office: 479 7806 room 523 street address

Current Research

  • Bayesian inference : MCMC with physics-based likelihoods, polynomial accelerated and conjugate direction sampling (tech report), Gaussian processes via FEM (presentation), analog to inference converters (MCMC in a FPGA)
  • Inverse problems : Imaging and machine vision, did I mention computational inference?, geothermal fields and groundwater (T. Cui PhD thesis), capacitance tomography (review article)
  • Acoustics : Sound transmission in light-weight timber-framed construction, aurilization, modelling and measuring vibration in complex random structures
  • Semi-analytic methods : Wave propagation in composite structures, random structures

Teaching in 2010


Colin's publications presentations internal reports travel calendar previous teaching

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statistics seminars

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


Name Position Start Date Project
Albert Parker post-doctoral fellow (NZIMA) 2007 Fast Sampling of Gaussians
Hyuck Chung post-doctoral fellow 2008 Sound Transmission in Timber Construction
Erfang Ma PhD (Physics) 2008 MCMC for EIT
Tiangang Cui PhD (Eng.Sci.) 2007 MCMC for Geothermal Models


You can click here to see a list of students that Colin has supervised in the past.