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Colin Fox

Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Studies for Electronics, University of Otago, IMI global chair University of Bath
BSc, MSc(Hons I) (Auckland) PhD (Cambridge) FASA
Email: Fox email.png, GSM: 021 438369, office: 03 479 7806, room 523 street address, skype:
My orcid qrcode.png ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9278-1777


Link to | BUC5 resources

Official BUC5 page

Current Research

  • Bayesian inference : MCMC with physics-based likelihoods, polynomial accelerated (MCMSki presentation) and conjugate direction sampling (tech report paper), Gaussian processes via FEM (presentation), analog to inference converters (MCMC in a FPGA) (ENZCon paper)
  • Inverse problems : Imaging and machine vision, computational inference for inverse problems (Annotated Bibliography), geothermal fields and groundwater (WRR paper), capacitance tomography (MST review)
  • Acoustics : Sound transmission in light-weight timber-framed construction (paper), aurilization, modelling and measuring vibration in complex random structures
  • Semi-analytic methods : Wave propagation in sea-ice (paper) and other composite structures, random structures

Editorial roles

ASA/SIAM Journal on Uncertainty Quantification (JUQ)

Guest editor Statistics and Computing

Teaching in 2016

  • PHSI 131 Physical Law (semester 1)
  • ELEC 253 Introduction to Electronics (semester 1)
  • ELEC 361 Measurement and Analysis (semester 1)
  • ELEC 445 Inverse Problems and Imaging (semester 1)
  • ELEC 443 BVPs of Mathematical Physics (semester 1)
  • (yes, I am busy in semester 1)
  • ELEC 446 Computational Inference (semester 2)


Colin's publications, presentations, internal reports, travel calendar, previous teaching, grad students and postdocs, lecture notes

Code: twalk in MatLab

XUQ workshops: SIPE'10, SUQ'13, MUQ15

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